Welcome to the website of the Z24for the Zaidee’s Rainbow Foundation, and thank you for your interest in the event.The Z24is an event like no other, it is about raising much needed funds for the Foundation as well as developing much needed community awareness in this subject.This event can be conducted in a number of ways – be it running, running on treadmills or riding a stationary bike or even as a road event consecutively for 24 hours.Our aim is to raise the national donation rate by developing events which people can start a discussion about this subject and understand the wishes of their loved ones. What better way than doing this in and around a sporting event. “Healthy bodies means healthy organs and tissues”.Within this website, you will find information regarding how the event is to be run, what needs to be done in preparation for the event as well as ideas that you can utilise to make the event an even bigger success.

Schools – We will come out to your school and sit down with the students who we are seeking to take full ownership of this event under the guidance of teachers. It is the students that really make this event what it is. At Mentone Grammar and also at McKinnon Seconadry College in 2012 their support for Zaidee was very powerful.

The education side of this subject in and around of this event is a great benifit to students, teachers and parents. Our schools program cam also be part of this event www.zaideeschool.org please click on to discover more about Zaidee Story, facts and breaking down the myths about this subject.


Running Clubs – We will make a time to meet with your members and discuss how best this type of event can work for you and your club.


Again, thank you for your interest and support in the event, we are very keen to see your school or club hosting a Z24.




Allan Turner

Chief Executive Officer

Zaidee’s Rainbow Foundation

M: 0412 985 211

T: 03 58235321

E: allan@zaidee.org

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